In 2006 breaks the Third Generation mobile technology (3G), which enables customers and / or users access the services of MMI from a laptop (with an access card for 3G data) or from a 3G handset.

In 2008 and 2009 to develop new mobile services, and HSDPA networks and devices, and these terminals gain in importance as a platform for reception and access to clipping services. In addition, value-added services and analysis found in the phone a direct communication channel with customers.

In late 2009, emerging new technology HSPA, which provides mobile internet at speeds of 21 megabit per second (Mbps), three times more than that offered by the network earlier this year. With this service, download a video of 5 megabytes will take 4 seconds with this new technology, so that listening and viewing of TV and radio news is instantaneous.

Current technology already allows us to go further with the standard LTE (Long Term Evolution) or so-called fourth generation (4G), which from 2011 will allow download speeds of 320 Mbps.

For mobile platforms, MMI provides services like:

Application MMI for mobile: user access from your mobile to the latest news by MMI application previously installed on the client terminal.

SMS Alerts: Alerts reporting the latest addition of the service. In this way the user can access from your mobile to the news, by applying MMI previously installed on the client terminal.

Sending radio and TV clips to phones (MMS or multimedia message) to the news on Radio and TV, for viewing and listening on mobile devices.


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