The Press, the reference method of communication:


The written press has been the most effective form of communication for many, many years. This is partly because of the type of information the papers transmit. The papers are read daily by 32 % of citizens.

The use of a professional and specialised service permits a rigorous process in the selection of the press news. The company always offers a rapid availability time of this news.

Our press monitoring services:

Is carried out by professionals with ample experience in communication monitoring, written information is received before 8 A.M.

Allow contact with all relevant information from media monitoring, available from the start of the day, everyday.

To liberate human resources for the development of effective areas of the Press Cabinet.

The press is elaborated in digital format, which allows the recovery of the news, instead of the old pen and paper support methods, using the elaboration of a report or dossier which is slow and laborious.

The dossier is found in this form in the offices of the client at the time in which, (until the creation of this service by the part of MMI), the institutions initiated it's elaboration, in a process that finished between 10 and 11 o'clock. At this time the press dossier would already be out-dated.

Services in the press area:


Reading, selection and Web access available before 8 A.M.

This service includes:

■  Reading and monitoring of the newspapers.

■ Selection of the news of interest to our clients.

■  The digitalisation of this news for our clients.

■ Web access to these before 8 A.M.

Online Ranking of Protagonists in the Press:


Information available through the Internet where it is possible to study the quantitative data of protagonists of the press.

Online database:


Access to the published news from the past, through the Internet. Updated daily, with searches available for different variables, including, dates, program, channel, protagonist, term, etc.

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