More than 50% of citizens listen to the radio daily:


The radio has been a method that has traditionally escaped the control of the press cabinets. The businesses have a complex task in controlling the regional radio emissions.

However, its importance is equally important. More than 50% of the Spanish population listens daily to the radio and it is used as the second method of obtaining information.

The availability of this service supports a great interest in a community like ours, where the audience reveals the great importance of this medium.

Services in the area of radio monitoring

■ On-line access to cuttings from the radio.

■ Real time access to news on the radio with the option of searching the archives by date, emission or program. Every announcement will contain relevant information.

■ Immediate or communicative alerts

The immediate availability of information is a fundamental element that permits a rapid response before the emission of the news. With the hiring of this service, the client receives the news relevant to their business through an e-mail or web access.

This information contains the date, channel, program, title and duration of each relevant piece of information about your business. The shipment of these communicated alerts takes place with the regularity specified by the client.

Ranking of protagonists on the radio


Information available on quantitative data about the presence of institutions, organisations and businesses on the radio.

Including listings of holders and comparative graphs.

Online Database


Access to broadcast material emitted in the past throught Internet with searches available for different variables, including, dates, program, channel, protegonist, term, etc.

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