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5th Program Mark

MMI is one of only 11 Canarian companies that between 1998 and 2002 participated in the 5PM (5th Program Mark of the European Union)

The project for practical improvement for the promotion and implantation of Telework tools in small and medium European enterprises in the service sector.

Summary of the IST project, financed by the 5th Program Mark

Plan of Action: Methods and tools of flexible work, mobile and from home - design the workplace

URL of the project: http://www.cbt.es/proteleuses




KRM, Imatge S.L.


Virtech Ltd


Josef Leismann Aktiengesellschaft


Sofiiski Universitet Sv. Kliment Ohridski


International Software & Information Services


Diebold Business Solutions Gmbh


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European Research and Project Office Gmbh


Asur Brok, S.L.



PROTELEUSES is a project of the best practices with the objective to increase the competitiveness of small or medium European companies in the service sector. Like, bettering working conditions of its personnel, introducing tools to incorporate Tele-work.

This objective is reached by the promotion and promotion of the introduction of the use of the most innovating technologies in I.T, introducing the technology in ten final activities for the users.

The tools of the information technology that are promoted were related to the communication and the exchange of information, used to allow the incorporation of activities such as Tele-work in the daily activities of companies.

The main tasks developed inside the service sector are related to the processing of information. The steps made in this sector have given arise to more opportunities for Tele-work.

However, this sector has not incorporated these tendencies, due to the fact that the main components of this sector are small medium enterprises that do not have the knowledge of these opportunities.

The main goal of this project is to set the motions in place for the project, supporting ten end users (9 small medium enterprises and 1 university) in the introduction of such new technologies.

This putting in practice will be transformed into 10 cases of diverse study that will be used as an example to follow, trying to produce a domino effect.

Details of the project:

Abbreviation of the project: PROTELEUSES
Project reference: Ist-1999-20852
Starting date: 2000-11-01
Duration: 18 months
Cost of the project: 2,44 million Euro
Type of contract: Preparatory measures, of Support and Aid
Finish date of the project: 2002-04-30
Project finance: 1,29 million Euro
Project register number: 56909

Project Atlante Media


ATLANTE starts the creation of a institutional and economic information system with a dossier of the news from papers in Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and the Green Cape Islands. This encourages the public and private co-operation between the ultra-peripheral regions of Africa.

The system is based around a technological structure and a co-ordination and production centre in the Canary Islands. There are also centres present in Madeira and Azores with function of "commercial antennas", as well as with a network of Tele-workers in those zones where he is technically accessible.

At the end of the project a regional public entity will be created in the Canaries responsible for relations with Africa. There will be three central companies in the Canary Islands, Madeira and Azores, as well as a technological training centre leading and giving technical support to the project. The dissemination of the project will be through associations, foundations and agencies of regional and local development.

This platform will give sustenance to the global objective of ATLANTE, to give support of up to date daily information to kick start business, cultural, institutional and political co-operation between Spain and Portugal, Morocco, Marihuana, Senegal and the Green Cape Islands.

Participants in the Project:

Head Business: Fundación Canaria Centro Tecnológico Emprendedores y Discapacidad ("Emprende Canarias")
2nd Business: Direcção Geral de Relações com África do Governo das Canárias - DGRA
3rd Business: CEOE Tenerife - Confederação Provincial de Empresários de Santa Cruz de Tenerife
4th Business: Conselho Empresarial da Madeira - CEM
5th Business: Câmara do Comércio de Angra do Heroísmo
Technological Supplier: MMI

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