Television monitoring


Television is the most influential method of communication. Over 90% of citizens watch the television every day.

For that reason, an suitable pursuit of the information of the different televising channels emit has been the most effective mechanism of analysis of how the citizens perceive the reality on which the organisation is based on.

Services in the Television Monitoring sector


■  Online access to headlines and the digitised television news. Items appear as they did on television.

■  Real time access to televised news with an option to search the database using factors such as data, emission or program, channel or term.


Communicative or immediate alerts


The immediate availability of information is a fundamental element that permits a rapid response before the emission of the news. With the hiring of this service, the client receives the news relevant to their business through an e-mail or web access.

This information contains the date, channel, program, title and duration of each relevant piece of information about your business. The shipment of these communicated alerts takes place with the regularity specified by the client.

Ranking of protagonists on the television


Information available on quantitative data about the presence of institutions, organisations and businesses on the television.

Including listings of holders and comparative graphs.

On-line analysis of television protagonists


Information available through the internet where it is possible to study the qualitative analysis about the ranking of different protagonists. You are able to evaluate the information and decide if it was positive, negative or neutral.

Includes comparative data, important monthly news, etc.

Online Database


Access to televised material emitted in the past, through the Internet. Updated daily, with searches available for different variables, including, dates, program, channel, protagonist, term, etc.

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