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□ OBJECTIVE: The present web page has been designed to give knowledge and permit public access to relative information to the ocontents and diverse activities offered by initiatives of Canarian Communications SL through its international network of franchises MMI Media Monitor Internacional (MMI), with corporation number B-35296219, with the E-mail address , c and telephone contact number 0034 928 223 609, and fax number 0034 928 223 616, with the company address of León y Castillo, 421 Attic, post code 35007 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. Furthermore, the access to other information, products and services of MMI, these can be accessed by the links and connections available on the Web Site. MMI reserves the right of changing its address and all Web related addresses alike .


□ CONTENTS: All the facilitated contents in this Web have been elaborated with information originating as internal sources of MMI, like the external links and company and associates. In which case, the company MMI does not come responsible for the possible lack of inaccuracy of the information in these external links. The company is responsible solely for those contents originating directly of its internal sources and those properly identified with its Copyright. For this, before taking any decision or action, MMI recommends the user checks the verification of the information received from another source.


Information is facilitated through this Web about services destined to give knowledge that in any case will subject to the terms and conditions specifically detailed at every accessible moment from this Web page that is subject to the different legal dispositions on application.


□ ACCESS AND USE : The access to this web page, including the retrieval of its contents and information info, as well as making changes, will be the exclusive responsibility of MMI.


The conditions of access to this Web Site will be in line to the effective legality and the principles of the good faith, with use only allowed to people intending to use the page under these conditions, being prohibited from any type of performance that could damage MMI or a third party .


We will consider using legal or authoritative action to those who use the web site for any malicious behaviour.


□ RESPONSIBILITY: MMI does not take responsibility for any type of damage caused by malicious activities or damage caused to our Web page, by any illegal means, or through these means, damage to the contents or the inability of the web page to function correctly.


□ SERVICE: MMI reserves the right to suspend access to its Web page, without prior notice, in permanent and temporal forms, for technical and any other reason, MMI has the ability to change the conditions of access when it feels necessary, to both parts and all aspects of the Web Page.


□ DATA PROTECTION : Under the "organic law" 15/1999 of the 13th of December, the protection of personal data (LOPD) , the data provided by the User will be built-in in automated files which will be for the process exclusively for the described purpose, according to it specified in the attached agreement to each form. The personal characters and the information will be treated with great secrecy, according to the Directive 994/1999 of the 11th June, taking the necessary steps to assure the security necessary to: avoid its alteration, loss, treatment or non-authorised access on the part of a third party that could use it for different purposes in which they had been originally submitted. The only body in charge of the data is MMI, who promises the completion of secrecy of all personal data, and data that must be guarded by law, and adopt methods available to avoid any alteration, loss, unauthorised access and incorrect handling of your data. Using the highest quality technology available.


Finally, the User will be able to exert his rights of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation in fulfilment of information established by the LOPD , or for any consultant or personal contact in this respect, all information sent by e-mail from the company will be addressed personally or publicly.


Furthermore, in accordance of article 21 of the law 34/2002 of the 11th June, of society services and information of electronic mail , MMI will not send by e-mail, public communications if the user has expressed the right of wishing to receive them. When ICC has the express consent of the addressee in receiving commercial communication by means of e-mail, the word "publicity" it will appear in the title and beginning of the message.


□ THE USE OF "COOKIES": To offer the best possible service for our on-line customer users, MMI uses cookies. Cookies are blokes of data that are sent to a computers hard disk when and identify to the computer the Web site it has entered, the information is then stored onto the hard disk. Cookies are only associated with autonomic use, they do not give the computer access to personal data or general files. The user has the possibility to configure its navigator to give it the ability to store multiple cookies. In the last case, the loading and speed of the Web page could be reduced.


MMI uses "cookies" for users that look for a quicker response and a better personalisation in a service.


□ LINKS TO THIRD PARTY PAGES: The connections in this area will allow a user to leave the site of MMI to those which are not controlled or monitored by MMI, therefore, MMI cannot take responsibility of the contacts in any of these sites, nor any of the links that maybe available on that site, nor any changes that the sites may be undertaking. MMI does not have any responsibility over webcasting or any other form of transmission from the linked site. MMI has simply placed these links for the comfort of the user.


MMI wishes to inform the user that all information and links placed on their website is there for the convenience of the user, solely for the method of supplying the user with more information. The word "links", does not imply that there is an invitation or recommendation to visit the sites, because of this, MMI cannot be held responsible for any information on the sites .


□ GENERALS: For al logistic questions that are incumbent on the MMI web page, will be the application and legislation of Spain, used under the courts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and will be competent for the resolution of all the conflicts derived or related to the use of this web page .


The access to the MMI web page implies the acceptance of all the conditions previously expressed .

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